Spider On The Web

Spider on the web
on a dignified dwelling
big and wide,
strong and fair.
How sad to think
that soon,
A single finger
of man, wind and rain
will find you out
and pull you down.
You and your web
will go down,
as if both of you
worth nothing,
and as if it doesn't
take planning,
budget and hard work
to build something
as complex as
a web.

Spider on the web,
I hope you survive
the invasion,
and I hope you
have the will to
build another.
When the struggle
that takes hours
or days to realize
comes down before
your eyes,
tell me you
will stop at nothing
to construct another.
Tell me you'll
repeat the struggle
as long as you live,
to give yourself
what no one
else can give;
a web.

Spider on the web,
You know how much
this means to you.
You know it's as vital
as life itself.
If the finger
that'll destroy
the result of your
struggle for no fault
of yours is kind
enough to keep
you alive,
do not weep for
the ravage.
Listen to the beat
of your heart,
and the puff of your
Even though it costs
the night, day and
sweat to acquire another,
do not give up the
struggle to have
what you need;
a web.

Spider on the web,
I'm not here to give
a fake hope
and tell you how you
will last forever
on your idling place,
or how you will be left
alone to enjoy what
you have,
you will be trashed
again, again, and again.
But as long as you
have your life and
what it takes
to always repeat
the struggle,
do what you can.
Achieve your aim,
even if you have
only a second to live
in it or end up not
not using it.
Never give up the
struggle to build
what you need;
a web.

© Fiez

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