Dreaming up

Two sisters sat on the fallen ancient wall behind the house talking. It was an intimate discussion and they hushed their words lest the ears of the shrubs heard. A basket waited beside their outstretched legs. Their elongated shadows sneaked behind them mimicking their every move. A man came to the house and Ginika said she did not like the way he gawked at her lovingly. Oge said he winked at her two times, he liked her.

‘Are you thinking what I’m thinking?’ Oge said.

‘He likes the two of us?’ 

‘Yes. And he’s trying to choose a wife.’

‘Do you like him?’ Ginika said. Oge averted her eyes. She was the younger one and it’s not nice for two sisters to like the same man. But…

‘No. Yes. I think he’s nice.’ Do you?’

‘No. He’s not my type.’ Oge breathed her relief.

But when they returned to the house, the man was gone and papa told them why he came. He was getting married and had come to give him an invitation card. 

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