Knowledge And Imagination

Knowledge is power and you need to acquire as much of it as possible to escape factual ignorance. As you do this, do not forget that what gives you wings to fly beyond what is already known is your imagination.

If you think that all imaginations are mere daydreaming or fantasy, something that exists only in the invisible world and can never become reality, think again.

The person who imagines conceives ideas which eventually become a concept. When proven to be true, concepts become facts and facts.

What does knowledge do? And what does imagination do?

– Knowledge tells you what to do and how to do it and makes you a scholar. Imagination allows you the freedom to try anything in any way and eventually makes you a creator- an originator. 

– Knowledge shows you where the boundaries are and  tells you where not to step further or this or that would happen. Imagination takes you beyond those boundaries, to the ends of the earth,  around the universe and to places that don’t even exist.

– Everything invented, everything known, everything valuable, was first conceived through imagination.

Does this mean that without imagination, there is no knowledge? It truly sounds like it.

Albert Einstein understood all these when he said, ‘imagination is more important than knowledge.’

And I agree.

Without imagination, how would we ever get to solutions?

I’m thankful to God that imagination is part of human potential