Free Verse – Empty Street

Empty streets recite
the lyrics of sovereignty
to the frigid dignity.
The detained hero is fallen
to harsh bellies,
condemned for standing tall
when the stooped quieted
their voices and ducked bullets from multiple gashes.
The land weeps for the slain
who the endangered now see
as the fortunate ones.
They are fortunate in death;
their horror, anguish
are shaved off with
sudden animalistic transition.
They were fortunate when
the night is as horrible as
the day and demise awaited
at the doorposts of time.
There is nowhere to hide
from the harm that has
engulfed the land where
the sun still rises.
No hiding place on the land
which the marginalised own.
No one knows when the end
to this terror will come
And no one knows what
future holds for the living.
If the hero makes it alive,
the streets will live again
But life will remain the same,
until freedom comes.


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