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A novel set in African countryside cannot do without a sprinkle of African proverbs here and there, especially when the elders are giving a speech or discussing in a meeting. Although the ones set in mordern society like hardly use them. They are not supposed to anyway.

I have a few African proverbs in my upcoming novel, set in a little town in Eastern Nigeria in the middle and late 1980s’. I have a couple of gatherings in which family elders are deliberating on pressing family issues. In the gathering of African elders (Igbo elders to be specific)  speeches are not complete without two or more proverbs added. Sometimes an elder uses these proverbs throughout his speech with few normal sentences. These proverbs help drive points home.

I love proverbs, especially those with deep meaning and its tradition on Fiez-writer to share them with you.

Every Saturday, I share my proverb collections with you hoping they don’t bore you.

I delve into proverbs from countries other than mine as well, out of curiosity. And I find most of them fascinating.

My best post on proverbs ranks first on Google search. If you’re new to my website, you should head over to that post and check it out. The link is about. I hope you like it.

Hope you are having a great moment. Blessings🙌.