Word Around Me: Extravagance

Hi everyone! 🙂❤. Hope you’re all doing great. It has been quite a while. I’m busy with an inescapable situation and hopefully, I’ll be back before next week. Can’t wait to read all your beautiful, inspiring and impacting posts.

My son said something about being wasteful yesterday evening. In his words he said, ‘Mum, I think we’re being extravagant.’

At first, I was taken aback. Guilt crept into heart. I checked myself, did some mental calculation of my spendings and could not place my hands on any wasteful spending. Then I began to giggle. He grinned and we stared at each other for a while. I asked him a simple question.

‘Can you give me an instance where “we” were extravagant?’

‘Yesterday you bought lots of snacks and drinks for us,’ he said.

OK. Guilty as charged but I wanted to make sure he understood what “extravagance” was.

‘What do you understand by extravagance?’

‘Being wasteful of money… buying what you don’t really need..or buying too much of what you need,’ he said.

‘That’s right.’ I said. ‘But what did you say before I bought those snacks and drinks?’


‘Yes. You said you were hungry after school and I didn’t want to keep you hungry till we reach home. It means you really needed the snacks to curb your hunger.

‘Oh yeah,’ he said. ‘Oh, that’s true.’

I was still uncomfortable because that was not the only day I bought snacks and drinks for us on our way back from school. Why then did he make such an observation?

I kept thinking about this into the night. Sometimes, we hear angelic voices, calling us back to the right track. It’s probably a future wake up call to be wiser with my spendings.

In the past I have bought things I thought I needed but ended up not using them. Sometimes, I give them out and sometimes, I keep them as if they’re monuments.

There’s so much of extravagance spending going on in the world and it’s okay to buy many cars, change wardrobe every week and eat out in an expensive restaurant everyday, if you’re worth that much of an expenses. But looking at it from my African perspective, there are millions of people out there who could be in need of that extra wasteful expense.

There is no better way to heal the world than to give out to the less privileged so that those who have no clothes to wear, who have no food to and who have no shelter over their heads would have something to lean on.

See you soon❤🤗

Have a great day.

3 thoughts on “Word Around Me: Extravagance”

  1. Couldn’t agree with you more, Florence. It’s really about giving to those who desperately need it. Imagine switching places with the lesser fortunate. Your son is a wise boy. God bless him and may he stand by his mother forever. 🙂

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    1. 😀 Such a beautiful comment.
      Yes, he is, Treveen. I’m blessed to have him. Sometimes we’re exposed to unfortunate situations to experience life as the less fortunate. Life is a great teacher. We learn as we live.

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