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One Man’s Meat…

“Three large portions of different fattening dishes at a sitting?”

“This is the way to go bro!”

“It’s called gluttony.”

“I call it healthy overeating.”

“You’re overweight”

“That’s exactly my target.”

“Have you ever thought about what overeating can do to your health?”

“That’s bullshit”

“You will blow up like a large balloon if you continue to eat that way.”

“I won’t but if it happens, I will be the happiest person on earth.”

” Absurd! Do you know what some people go through to get rid of just a pound?”

“I dont care.”

“You don’t mean that.”

“You’re talking because you haven’t heard the story of my life.”

“What story?”

“When I was a teenager, I was pitiably skinny.”


“At school, they nicknamed me ‘bones’.”


“Bones. Instead of Gladis, they called me bones.”

“That’s awful!”

“You can imagine the trauma I passed through knowing that name suited my appearance.”

“Students! Students!”

“I always asked my mum why I was that skinny.”

“She said it’s nature.”

“I asked nature many questions in private but got mocking silence. My mum said I was normal, said there was nothing wrong with me and that clinically I was just fine. She said I would grow fat in the future. I resorted to eating heavy meals several times a day until mum began to lock the kitchen against me. She said I could die of overeating. Yet I never added extra flesh to my ‘bones’.”


“My cheeks got a little bigger though.”


“and my nickname changed.”

“To what?”

“Cheeks and bones!”

“That’s worse.”

“I felt so bad and skipped school.”

“Dear Lord!”

“No one in my lineage was like me, both paternal and maternal side. That got me thinking. Was I adopted? My prayer point was, ‘Oh Lord, make me fat’ and I whispered that prayer countless times a day.”

“Frankly, you had a traumatic childhood.”

“You can say that again.”

“So how did you become this fat?”

“Good question! I met this guy at a mall. We were an absolute description of what opposites should be. He walked to me and asked if I would like to add some flesh.”

“That’s insulting.”

” My only good friend at the time reacted to the question but had to relax when she saw I wasn’t offended. I asked the guy if he could help me. He said yes and we became good friends.

“How could anyone help?”

“Nothing is impossible. Listen first.”

“We scheduled for a meeting and when we met he gave me my routine and eating habits.”

“How old were you then?”



“The routine was for muscle building and strength training then Protein, protein and more protein, dense food, soda, doughnuts, weight gainer shakes, chocolates, bodybuilding supplement, eat big and often.”

“He could kill.”

“He was a professional, working with a work-out and bodybuilding centre.”

“The programme worked for you?”

“Yes, after eight months of the extensive program and lots of patience.

“I’m happy for you.”


“You got an answer to your prayer.”

“Now everyone calls me beautiful.”

“What is your BMI?”


“You’re heading to obesity”



“I love fat me so much and I don’t want anything to stand between me and my love and happiness.”

“Hey, now that you have gained some weight, work to see that you maintained a healthy weight.

” I dont always eat this much. But I do eat like this three times a week to maintain my weight.”

“Do you still go for training?.”

“Three times a week.”

“This must be hard on you.”

“Not really, I do it happily because it works for me.”

“You must be spending a fortune on food.”

“It’s a necessity. No regrets.”

“I can’t believe I’m exposing myself to a total stranger. What’s your name?”

“Call me James.”



“Why not? You should be over 40”

“That’s a story for another day.”

“Life’s full of weird stories.”


“I love this food! I love this restaurant!!”


©Florence Ezekafor

However you are, whatever you are, be glad because, someone, somewhere sees you and longs to be like you.

Life Again

The pearly tears dropped on his johnny gown and soaked in. He had less than a week to live. He knew it would soon happen; the long-awaited day would soon sneak in to bring his existence to an end.

The malign tumours had stretched their deadly tentacles in his cells and had incapacitated him – just like the other ailments; the bunch of inmates at ease within him, gradually and heartlessly pulling up the roots holding his life, one by one, bit by bit. They mercilessly pulled at it every passing day, slowly killing him.

He felt like a pulp, a rotting vegetable; beaten and weakened.

He had heard painful cries of mourners, grieving over bereavement of their loved ones who couldn’t make it to the next day and had thought about the awaited day; the day his family would do the same.

His wife approached him, held him firmly on both shoulders, jerked him as if it would give him tons of strength to go on. She raised his face and his eyes to hers.

“Be strong! Do you hear me? Be strong! You’ll survive this,” she said to him.

If only she knew how far his spirit had gone.

He studied her briefly. She looked strong outwardly but deeply chattered within.

He sighed and looked away. His eyes fell on his sons who hid their sorrows behind massive veils of pseudo-bravery, chested out to prove to him that his end won’t be any time near.

But, he was not deceived. He knew they knew and were sure it won’t be long before the end.

“Dad stop!” Reacted his younger son. “You’re going to survive this. Don’t you trust God can turn things around and make you healthy again? Are you now belittling God in this situation? Be strong dad! Be strong!”

But that was easier said than done because right after the admonitions, same son of his had hurried to the hospital recess to get emotional. He later returned to him with bloodshot eyes hidden behind his sunglasses.

The sick man wiped his tears, swallowed hard. He raised his failing eyes to look at the other patients sitting around who gave him encouraging smiles, he smiled back but sadly. Each one of them had a terrible health journey. The stories they told him had revealed worse cases than his.

Weakness of willpower disables physical strength. Strong will, keeps you going,” his sick friend had visited and had told him in a shaky whisper -“Be strong here,” he had said striking his chest weakly. “Look at me man, I’m a walking dead right? But I won’t waste my tears on something that’s not going to happen. I won’t.”

He had died the next day anyway but his strength lived after him.

The sick man braced himself and toughened up; not to work on himself but on the contrary- to lament over his predicament.

“Take me home!” He sang sadly. “Take me home. The time has come to go home.”

“Oh, come on darling, don’t be harsh on yourself now,” his wife said holding his hand- tears rolling down her eyes.

“Do I desire to live on?” He continued in what sounded less like a whisper, “Yes! But of what use is my desire when fate will eventually take its cause? If I…..”

“Dad stop, your BP will rise with that, please be calm. Calm down,” his older son almost shouted.

“Be strong honey! Be strong!” He heard his wife’s voice as he felt like fainting and saw his son’s tears as everything began to fade, he saw the emergency unit fading away just like the paramedics rolling his bed and the doctors and nurses calling his name.

The white light peered in and dazzled. Then nothing but absolute darkness.

Next –

He felt tremendous joy as they all walked on.

Suddenly, he heard his name from behind.

He turned back but saw nothing but thick darkness. Then a dazzling white light, then voices.

“Where am I” he whispered to himself.

He saw their faces. It’s life again.

My Mistakes In Series #8

I woke up in the morning and felt so sick. It was an awful feeling, as if I was living in another person’s body – a very ill person.

I thought about the previous night, about Rebecca and the couple she brought to my room and the purpose of their visit. I hoped I hadnt broken any rule by talking to Rebecca who should be part of the home.

I didnt’ want to get into any trouble in the Secret Home, my only hidden shelter at the moment. Rebecca had declined my request to stay at her place in my reprehensible situation – afraid of some irksome outcome.

I thumbed the button on my bed and in less than few seconds, ‘auntie’ opened the door as usual – without knocking and walked in.

“Good morning auntie!” She responded to my greeting and walked to my bedside.

I feel horribly sick,” I said.

”It’s normal. Some days will be like this. Your baby is growing, ” she said as she checked my temperature. “You need to see the doctor immediately. He might suggest you start antenatal visits to be on a safer side,” she said as she brought out a note from her pocket and wrote something on it.

“Where am I seeing the doctor?”

“Within this home,” she said. I wished I could be given an opportunity to talk with any of my parents – over the phone of course. I also wanted to see the town. It was getting to two days since I had been confined to my room. I needed some outside air. I wanted to take a walk beyond the gates.

“Are you too sick to discuss a pressing issue with me?” I braced myself for whatever it might be. I knew it could be unpleasant considering her tone.

“It’s okay. I can talk.”

“Why did you allow those visitors into your room last night?” She asked.

“You mean Rebecca and the couple?”

“If her name is Rebecca, yes.”

“She’s the lady who brought me here.”

“Now listen. As far as this home is concerned, she’s a visitor and be informed that the management will be meeting with you this evening regarding that visit. You committed a huge offence The Rule.”

“What? Why?”

“I warned you. I warned you about talking to someone else other than me in this home.”

“You told them.”

“I didn’t,”

“How did….?”

“You should know that I’m not the only one who keeps an eye on you. There are people with bigger eyes and more efficient ears than I have. They know everything that happen in this home.”

I kept quiet and thought about the worse thing that could happen to me – being kicked out of the home.

“Dress up and have your breakfast. The doctor will soon be here.”

I nodded and watched her close the door.

If I escaped the forthcoming punishment, I would respect the Rules, all of it.

Alone In The World

I woke up one morning to discover I was the only one around in my vicinity and beyond. No human in sight, no animals, no moving cars. Just me.

A night before that day, we all made merry into midnight. It was my second son’s second wedding anniversary.

But waking up the next morning with smiles of the previous night on my face, hoping to have the usual morning greetings and small talks with my big family, they were all missing, all gone.

I searched the whole house and yard frantically over and over again, calling their names but they were nowhere to be found. Our two bulldogs, male and female were also missing.

I ran out into the streets and knocked on every door. No one.

I ran back into my house still in my sleeping gown, pulled out my car and drove like crazy. No one in sight. No life anywhere from corner to corner of my city, then to another city and yet to another, no one. I stopped in the middle of the road and began to dial numbers.

I dialled a lot of contacts, nearly a hundred contacts of family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances, enemies, those within and those from around the world, none answered.

Downtrodden, I laid my head on the steering and allowed the tears to flow in silent. I was terrified. I was afraid. Afraid of the known and unknown.

What happened to them? What happened to everyone? Why am I the only one left?

I have been searching for seven days now, I just came back from today’s search and I’m sitting in front of my house by the roadside recording my experience and hoping for a miracle to happen. I do this often.

Look at that! What the hell..? Oh no, here it comes. Slowly, very slowly. Closer, closer.

Do I run? No need. I need to go with the others.

It has four heads, eight hands-four on either side. It has eight legs but active four. It has a long tail that is almost touching the ground. The body colour is between yellow and golden, very strange colour. Weird.

I guess it’s a family monster. Father, mother and two children all living in one body. Their bodies are co-joined except at their heads and limbs. The shape of each head is oblong, hairless and shiny. The size reduces in size from the father to the children. Their faces long, the eyes are very tiny and the mouth takes up eighty per cent of the face.

What the….? Here come many others. Hundreds of them moving slowly towards me.

It is grumbling as if angry with the rivals.

It is moving faster toward me. Faster to take me before the others.

It has picked me and is about to swallow me whole. The mouth could stretch to allow the passage of any size. I hope my phone will be swallowed too. I need to record everything to my last breath. It’s absurd. Who am I recording this for?

I’m passing through the father’s throat. Now I have reached the stomach.


Inside here is something else. I feel as if I have been poisoned. I can see a lot of people dimly. None is talking. None is moving.

I’m weak now, my phone is about to fall off my hand. I guess this is the end.

Bye..bye to me.


I, Gabriel 5 – My Mum Is Tensed

Mum and Elina rush to the scene where Jennie gets scared to death by my eloquence.

Mum sweeps her feet off the floor and takes her to the sofa, Elina follows anxiously and I wonder why they don’t notice I’m crying too, or pretending to.

Anyway, Jennie shouldn’t utter a word of what happened to them. At least not yet. She shouldn’t even look at me.

“What was it honey? What happened?” I hear mum ask.

“He talks!” I hear her say and flinch. It’s unexpected.

“Who honey? Who talks?” They ask her in unison


They both look at me simultaneously.

“Gabriel spoke to you? Awww! Thats so cute. You shouldn’t cry. I wish I could hear him speak to me, honey.” Elina said.

But mum comes to me. Hovers over me thoughtfully. She looks confused.

I try to read her thought – my mind reading skill is not yet fully matured but I get it.

“First, it’s Gabriel’s nanny getting scared by him, now it’s Jennie screaming out of fear. What could be happening with my baby?”

Elina takes reluctant Jennie by the hand and they walk to me. Half way, Jennie runs away – downstairs. Elina and mum rush after her calling.

Few minutes later, mum comes upstairs, carries me and walks to the phone.

She calls my dad and asks him to leave whatever he’s doing and come home.

“We need to talk John, please come home as soon as you can,” she says.


There’s this baby book mum reads to me. It’s children’s science book. I love the book but I hate it when mum reads to me. I can read for goodness sake!

As we wait for dad to rush home as mum demands, she begins to talk to me in an unusual way. From the look of things, she’s tensed.

“Gaby listen! I have a word for you – mnemonic. Say it- mnemonic. MNEMONIC is the word .” This is unusual. How can mum discuss such word with a five month old?

I read her mind again to find out tempting me to speak so as to find out if I talk as Jennie claims but find out she’s not.

“Don’t worry honey,” she blows me a kiss. ” Do you know what the word mnemonic means?”

I coo. She smiles.

“It’s a word that helps people to remember things.”

I coo again. I love being talked to in such way.

“The only word in English Language that begins with ‘mn’. You got that?”

I coo again and kick my legs playfully.

“With this word you can remember the colours of the rainbow, you love rainbows right?”

“Richard Of York Gave Battle In Vain. — Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet,” she sings.

I move with excitement and she laughs.

“You love the planets? I’m sure you do. My Very Easy Method Just Sums Up Nine Planets. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus” she sings and in my heart I sing with her.

I feel sleepy and watch her face fade away.