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I Can Hear Your Tattarrattat At The Door! 🙂💙

Tattarrattat is an English word which means ‘a knock at the door’; the sound one hears when someone knocks on the door, especially when the sound is rhythmic.

The 12 letter word has its etymology from Ulysses, a 1922 Novel by James Joyce. Tattarrattat is one of the longest palindromic words in the English language. It’s also one of the longest onomatopeias.

Tattarrattat looks and sounds like a tongue-twister, right?  When I tried repeating it as fast as I could, my tongue got twirled by the fourth repetition. You can beat me! Have fun😀


Plutocracy is simply government by the wealthy. Plutocracy or Plutarchy can also be a society ruled or controlled by people of great wealth or income.

Which Country Practices Plutocracy?

Officially, there is no country that is known to practice plutocracy since this form of government is not set in a well established political philosophy. However, I see present-day politics as belonging to the wealthy class.

To contest and win an election, one needs to be financially eligible. Isn’t it?

It’s very hard for the poor to get to the top. Having said that, we can say that majority of the countries of the world practice plutocracy– indirectly.

It’s either you’re wealthy enough to sponsor your own campaigns or you have a wealthy sponsor or people behind you like your backbone to push you up to position and help you ( to be paid back in full with gain), or you step aside.

Political thinkers have a thing against plutocracy – it’s more or less for the interest of the leaders and for the detriment of the people.

This makes it hard for plutocracy to be an honorable leadership term. Its like a curse upon the people.

No country wants to be identified with it.

Nevertheless, plutocracy is still here with us even though it’s not as practised by the plutocrats of the ancient times — Roman Empire being a typical example among others – where people were subjected to poverty, class conflict and all sorts of crime.

Overall, leadership no matter what form is practised, be it democracy, capitalism, socialism, anarchism or even plutocracy ‘if possible’, all should be for the betterment of the people being led while self-interest is pushed to the background.


My kids are bookworms. They like reading a lot. Their favourite books to read are storybooks, novels inclusive – the bigger the better. Once I buy a book I want to read, they would queue up for it.

So, I try everything within my power to stay away from books with adult content. When my kids pick up any of my books to read, I don’t have to snatch it away immediately because there are things inside I wouldn’t want them to see.

What I do is when I buy a novel, I first of all read them and if need be, expurgate them; I remove the offensive parts before putting them in my library.

If you do watch some Arab Channels like MBC 2, MBC Max, MBC Action, you will find out that sexual scenes as well as profane words are removed even though most of the movies contain them originally. These movies undergo expurgation before they are shown on those channels for the public to see.

When I expurgate, I do not remove thee offensive pages, I conceal the offensive parts with any concealer that works on paper and write “adult content” on top or besides it. When children come across them, they already know what it means and do not have to ask what is hidden there.