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What Does Reading Mean To A Writer

Anybody can write but the best writers are ardent readers.

If you have ever visited a renown writer’s home and have been opportune to tour the building, you might have understood how important reading is to a writer.

Every corner of common rooms of a writer has a mini library. The size of the main library and the number of books will surely amaze you. You ask yourself, How can one person own that size of a library and that number of books.

Writers know more than anyone else that the quality of their works depends on their passionate reading and researching.

Why do writers need to read?

  • To gain inspiration.

Nothing inspires a writer like reading other people’s works.

  • To capture the art of language

Every writer has a way they use words that make readers appreciate these words. The reader captures these ideas, thoughts as they read and jots them down for future reference.

  • To be able to flow while writing

The worst thing that could ever happen to you as a writer is to grow short of words. You know what you want to write but you don’t have enough words to express it. Words are writing and writing is words. Reading helps a writer to flow with words.

  • To learn new words and phrases

It’s hard to read the dictionary as we read books. So how does a writer learn new words and expand his vocabulary coast? By reading. The reader jots down new words to look them up later.

If you’re an aspiring writer or you’re already writing, marry books. Expand your library and stuff it up with books and make sure you read them.

Don’t always depend on the internet for reading, read hard books. There are also good e-books, you can always get them. Just make sure you’re reading well-written books.

Get yourself a library

If you have not done this, please do. It doesn’t matter how small, you will expand with time.

If you cannot afford a library or book purchase dont worry. You can always visit a library close to you.

Challenge yourself with reading. Map out many books to finish in a month or before the year runs out.

Discover what a better writer reading can make you and always remember that writing without reading is like making a mountain out of a molehill. Never stop reading.

Grab that book now.