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Conflict is an opportunity to become clear about yourself and your values and beliefs and desires. Conflict is the perfect breeding ground of authenticity. Every time a conflict arises, we can see it as an alarm bell that tells us… Here is an opportunity to really know yourself.  – Teal Swan –

Today’s Quote

Great to be here today. Hope to be back soon. Hope your day is great.

Florence Ezekafor

It’s Not Time Yet!

Retirement is a stage of life that most workers look forward to. It’s a time to rest from regular work for the rest of one’s days. For some, it means rest but for others like ninety-year-old Nwana, it means death.

He believes that the moment he stops working, he will die. 

He’s a painter and painting makes him feel the blood in his veins. He loves painting houses and old age has not changed his passion and expertise.

It began when he turned seventy and refused to retire, his children did not understand why he kept working at his age. It became a thing for concern when he turned eighty-five. They knew what people were going to say – no one caters for his needs. But all their effort to stop him failed.

‘Force your father to stop now  before he dies working!’ People say.

And his children try all the tricks they know to make him stop, including soliciting with his clients to stop giving him work. Nwana finds out and summons them and says, ‘ I know you care about me but if you care about me, let me live my life the way I want. It’s my life. If I die living my life, it’s my death as well. Please, let me be..’ 

‘No papa, you must stop. It’s not good for you. And People are talking!’ The youngest says.’ They’re laying blame on us!’

‘Well, let them talk.’

‘You must stop or I’ll make you,’ the eldest says. 

In the night while Nwana sleeps. They gather his painting tools and burn them to ashes. Nwana wakes up early in the morning with no tools for his day’s work. He searches for them until he finds out what happened. His children burnt his tools. I force-stop him. 

He stays at home the whole day in silence and his children think they have won. But he calls them again in the night and gives them a warning.

 ‘Before tomorrow’s dusk, I want to see all my tools in my hands. That’s all I have to say for now.’ 

He gets his tools back and keeps working into his 90’s, and everyone fixes wide and condemning eyes on his children, who are in the position to support his used life. 

But each time Nwana sees their sympathetic stare, he wonders if they think old age is a time to sit around and depend on others. He’s not tired. He’s strong and healthy enough to work. Why do they insist on retiring him?. 

Nwana turns 92 and his strength fails him. He’s forced to stop painting. He only stared at his tools.

Ten years later, he’s still alive and knows that what keeps him alive is neither work nor rest, 

It’s not yet his time.



Seemingly endless effect!

The joy of Christmas!

Compliments of the season to you my lovely WP friends! ❤ Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

This season is beautiful; friends, family, meetings, thanksgivings, celebrations…

The spirit of Christmas intoxicates. We are lost in joy and love and food. And when it comes to an abrupt end, our eyes open and we see clear. We realise how much this joy had given and taken. We become sober once more and hope and plan for another Chrismas – an unending cycle.

This Christmas, I decided not to travel to my hometown. It’s almost a taboo for me to celebrate Chrismas away from home, because it’s an opportunity to meet with family and friends who live away from me. But it’s okay 😀. There’s always another Christmas.

Have a swell time this holiday season!



It’s Hard To Run A Youtube Channel And Write

Hello everyone! Hope you all are doing great. How is it going at your end? I’m doing great over here. I seem to have lost my WordPress devotion to Youtube. Help me, Lord!

I have not used WordPress in a while because of the reason I mentioned above. I’m trying to master how YouTube works and it’s driving me nuts. Yet I can’t let go of it. I feel it’s important for me to be a tuber as well.

If you run a Youtube Channel as a writer, I want to know how easy it is for you to keep both going without losing your mind.

I love the time I spend on WordPress making posts and reading blogs but it’s about to be jeopardised due to my time on YouTube.

A Few months ago, I thought about having a Youtube channel. I opened one last month and it became a big problem. Now all I do is watch other channels in my niche to see how they do it. I spend lots of time mastering the art.

Am I insane?🤣

I could use those free hours of my day to do some pretty serious writing.

But it’s important that I have that channel.

The issue now is, I’m left to multitask. Work, blog, write, create Youtube content and look at my family’s face? It’s heavy multitasking.

The question, still is, how can I do all these things without losing my mind?

I realised that if you do not outsource your Youtube video editing – if you try to edit it yourself, you will spend more than three days doing that. I spend only a few hours editing my blog content, and it’s hard to come to terms with spending that amount of time. This is not what a writer and someone who has work commitment can do.

I might outsource video editing but that will be later.

The outsourcing editing part of any content makes it a lot easier but that is for those who have started making money from their channel, I guess… And those who think it’s extremely important because they can’t edit at all, or work round the clock.

The beginning of a cry is difficult but when it starts, it’s smooth. I think I’ll find a way to make it easier. It’ll be fair if I make it a weekly post over there and post every other day here on WordPress.

Do you have a blog and a Youtube Channel? Are they in the same niche or different? How easy is it for you to juggle both and at the same time commit to other things?