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Domain Chaos #16| The Gold Wristwatch 4

Ndubisi took a right turn at Marib Junction and headed East. Along Royal Street, a stone’s throw away from the palace, his phone rang.

He stopped the car by the side of the road and picked his phone. He could hear his mother’s voice in the background, but it was not audible enough to make out what she was saying.

‘Honey!’ Ndubisi said, but an icy voice came through. He sat up.

‘I need your attention at your residence.’ Ndubisi arched his brow. ‘You have five minutes to reach here or we do what we got to do!’

‘Who are you?’

‘Be warned. I don’t have the patience for your questions. Running out of patience at a rocket speed!’

‘I want to speak to my wi–‘ The line went dead. He stepped out of his car and thought of what to do. Should he go home as ordered or should he continue to the palace to show His Royal Highness the wristwatch planted in his son’s bag after school by an unknown man? After a few seconds thought, he hurried home.

On reaching his main gate, he saw it wide open. Two police cars were blocking the entrance. He drove past his compound and packed his car by the roadside. Inside his compound, he saw two police officers coming out of his house. They were holding his wife, one on either side of her. Fury swept through him, and he trotted to them.

‘What’s this? Why are you taking my wife?’ Chinwe struggled in their grip and they let her go.

‘Stand back and do not move!’ A frenzied police officer aimed his rifle at him. Ndubisi backed away, with his hands in the air.

‘What is the meaning of this?’ He said.

‘Search him!’ The frenzied police officer ordered, and another ran his palm along Ndubisi’s sides, slapping his pockets and the length of his trousers. As he made to empty his pockets, Ndubisi recalled he still had the wristwatch in his pocket, there was nothing he could do. The wristwatch and and keys fell at his feet. Eyes glared at it and at him.

The man who claimed he owned it rushed to it and picked it up.

‘My goodness! This is the wristwatch I’ve been looking for!’ He looked up at him and Ndubisi dug out mockery from his smile.

Chinwe’s eyes were wild.

‘How?’ She said. He did not tell her he got the wristwatch, that their house help gave it to him that morning.

Ndubisi’s head dropped. Chinwe moved towards him but the police officer ordered her not to move any closer. She stood back. 

‘Mr. Ndubisi, you will come with us to the police station. You reserve the right to remain silent, for whatever you say from now on, maybe used against you in the court of law.’

‘Officer, my husband is not a thief. This is a mistake!’ Chinwe was frantic and Ndubisi was sorry. He kicked the car keys at his feet towards her. As they took him away, he could hear their sobs and his mother say, this is not the time to cry, go to Igwe’s house immediately.

To be continued.

Domain Chaos #8 – A Tinge of Hope

Ndubisi walked into the Land and Property Bureau with Igwe Okelue.

He had sat with him over the land issue and on seeing his late father among the signatories, he vowed to fight on his behalf.

The courageous Igwe had pleased Ndubisi by promising to stand by him. Ndubisi esteemed people who would see the truth and speak it without minding if their heads would be eaten in the process.

The spacious reception area was filled with people who waited in queue for their turn to be attended to.

They bowed and hailed him Igwe and made way for him to pass. He smiled and responded by patting each one of their bent backs with his traditional hand fan, made from tigger skin.

“Welcome, Igwe!” The receptionist greeted and Ndubisi wondered when she got to them. He watched her face beam with excitement.

The man she was attending to had stepped aside for Igwe without a grumble. Ndubisi thought that if Igwe were not a VIP, the same man would have bitten off his ear in annoyance. He had grown to learn that you dare not chance someone in a queue in Igbo land. Someone could fight to the drop of the blood over his rightful spot in a queue.

“Come with me Igwe.” The receptionist led them to the Director’s office.

“It’s that simple,” Ndubisi whispered and Igwe touched him with his Fan jokingly. He flinched. Igwe leaned towards him and whispered in his ear to wait for him at the door.

“Let me clear the ground first. Hand me the land documents.”

Ndubisi nodded and quickly dipped his hand into his briefcase. He brought out the original copy of the land documents and handed them to Igwe who gave him an assuring smile and walked into the office with the receptionist.

In less than five minutes Igwe came out with the Director. Ndubisi focused on their handshake and hoped to hear a positive news from Igwe.

“Everything is under control. He is my very good friend. Don’t worry. They’ll remove the quit notice tomorrow. But he said Eke would not go to rest but was sure he won’t challenge his own Igwe.”

“I didn’t know the brute is from your town Nibo” Nubisi said as both entered Igwe’s car.

“Yes!” He said, a little bit sad about Ndunisi’s choice of word. He ignored it. “He’s from the rebellious village- they believed Kingship should be rotated among the ten villages of Nibo, ” he said and shook his head.

“I dont know him well, ” he continued. “I have only seen him once in real life. I did see him on the television during one of his money spraying spree.” Igwe said and avoided telling Ndubisi about Eke’s visit to his palace. It would be unethical to do that.

“What next Igwe? ” Ndubisi asked when he was dropped of at his office.

I said don’t worry. Don’t worry yourself. Everything is under control. Eke won’t fight me. I’m his Igwe. Go to sleep.

Ndubisi bowed and hailed as the driver drove off.

Domain Chaos #6 – Buying The Chief

His Royal Highness, Igwe Arinze Ogelu was the ruling chief of Nibo Town. A vibrant light-skinned man though in his early 60’s. He looked majestic in his kingly outfit – a casual traditional robe with the pattern on tiger’s skin printed on it. His kingly traditional hat sat on his throne.

He was a friend to Ndubisi’s father and the one who sold to Ndubisi’s father, the Land which Hon Eke was claiming to be his.

It was around 8 am during the rainy season and Igwe was seated with his two closest friends and advicers in his palace. They usually came to the palace early in the morning for early morning prayers with colanut.

They had finished the prayers and were laughing at one of the jokes from Nze Marthias Okechukwu, when the guard informed the Igwe that some three men were waiting to see him.

“Who are they?” he asked wondering if he had any appointment with three men.

“They said they are from Hon. Eke, Igwe.” the servant said bowing for the fouth time to show respect.

“Bring them in, ” the servant bowed again and left.

His friends stood up as he walked to the throne still in a cheerful mood, picked his hat and wore it to welcome his unexpected visitors.

“Igweeeeeee, ” The three men bowed their greeting.

“Welcome! Sit.” The sat in the three in one cushion adjacent to the throne. Another three in one cushion was empty opposite them.

“What brings you to Igwe’s palace.” One of them stood to speak. He wore a smile which the Igwe couldn’t understand.

“Igwe, Hon. Eke sends us. He appreciates your efforts to keep our town in good state. It all takes a courageous ruler to be able to achieve all you have been able to achieve.” One of them who looked like their leader spoke up.

“I thank God for helping me. I’m glad someone notices and appreciates my efforts. Tell him I’m grateful for his encouraging message.”

“Igweeee.” He bent close to Igwe who gave him a pat on the back. “Thank you Igwe for accepting the message. Hon Eke also sends you a gift to show his appreciation.” the speaker knelt and presented him with something in a small bag.

“Thank you but I won’t accept it.” Igwe looked at the gift item but refused to touch it.

“With due respect Igwe, why? Have we done anything wrong?” The three of them looked at each other.

“You have not done anything wrong, young men. Why has your master not come to present his gift by himself?”

“Igwe we apologise for his absence. He’s a very busy right now and it’s hard for him to come by himself..”

“Please go back to him and tell him that I do not receive gifts in absentia. Tell him to come by himself. Thank him for the gift anyway.” They were highly surprised that Igwe has refused to even check what the gift was; a brand new Honda CR-V worth more than 10 million naira.

“Please Igwe, receive this gift from us on his behalf. It pleases Hon. Eke to give you a luxury car as a New Year gift. Please accept it. I’ll bring him here before tomorrow runs out.” the speaker persuaded but Igwe had made up his mind.

“Look, young men, I understand how you feel. All you need to do is go back to him, tell him what I said.” A servant came in again to inform Igwe that some visitors were waiting.

“Not again.” Igwe muttered. He slept late and woke up very early because of his visitors. He needed some rest.

“Who are they?”

“The Igwe Cabinet, Igwe,” Igwe looked at his time, a wall clock ticking away by the side of his throne.


“Twelve of them, Igwe, ” the servant bowed.

“Tell them to give me some time. I’ll join them as soon as possible.” While the servants took his leave, Igwe turned to his visitors.

“Young men, please you must excuse me. I have important meeting with my Cabinet. Tell Hon. Eke that I appreciate his kind gesture and would like to see him in person.” With this, he took his leave.

© Florence Ezekafor