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Inspired Sunday #6

So this young man walked up to me and offered me a neatly packed face mask. I looked at him and was like, “they’ve come again.”

Here, vendors do persuade or even put pressure on passers-by to buy extra face masks from them and I was not going to fall for that. Not when I have five masks in my possession.

“I already have, as you can see. Thank you!” I said nicely and walked on.

I didn’t wait to hear him out. I know a die-hard marketer when I see one. First thing he or she does is give you a disarming smile and then apply a candy and chocolate coated tongue.

If I walked away as quick as I could, I would be escaping unnecessary spending. I was about to walk away when I heard what sounded too good to be true.

“I’m not selling them, ma’am. They are actually for free. Take one. It’s free.”

Walahi(to be frank), I thought he was kidding but when he handed it over to me and began to walk away, I was thrilled.

Now that I knew it’s free, I didn’t go ahead to tell him I had four masks at home ( I would say to a mask seller who insisted that I bought one extra, “Hey,, what do you want me to do with the four I have at home and the one I’m wearing right now? Cook soup with them?”).

I looked closely at it. It’s a standard mask, the kind that is sold five hundred naira.

My face lit up. No one gets enough free things, you know. We can only get enough of things our monies can buy.

You might be thinking; It’s just a mask and not some precious stones or something. Even though it was a little gift, I was inspired and motivated to get involved in the #covid-19stopswithme initiative.

Why was I excited over one piece of face mask?

I’m excited because it was my first free COVID-19 care item. First-ever, and from a young man, not from my nation and not any of my connections or associations. A total stranger, way too younger than me!

I’m inspired!

Tailors sew face masks but they sell them. That’s good hustle and whenever I see them, I admire their efforts.

They were making good use if the opportunity and at the same time, helping people who would patronise them stay safe.

So, it’s a huge surprise to see this young man giving them out for free. Lots of them. He’s an inspiration to me.

I haven’t even bought hand sanitizer or mask to give out to stangers. I only bought for my immediate family because I don’t want them to get the virus.

What about my neighbours? Even though I know they are taking good care of themselves, I should have at least tried reminding them of safety during this time by offering them these necessary COVID-19 supplies.

I’m inspired by this young man to take action to make a little difference where I am.

To show him that I was touched, I collected his business contact.

I’m so dumping my seamstress and picking him as my future tailor. If he is good, I’m so taking my friends and family to his fashion shop. 😀😃

In this world we are in now, people like me want to make money from anything. That’s ok. We need money for a whole lot of things and if we don’t make it, we don’t have it.

But there are times we just have to close our eyes and do giveaways. We just have to let our customers know that it’s not always about money. We show them that they matter to us as well.

I’m inspired to be kind during this trying period.

About Wearing Masks

I wore my mask all through yesterday outdoor and to be honest, it wasn’t funny. I felt like a dog with anti-bite muzzle and looked at everyone wearing theirs the same way. Funny enough, I spoke with my mum this morning and she said they all looked like muzzled dogs around the neighbourhood.

Could this be the reason why people wear their masks under their chins? It probably is.

People want to look normal…and good and wearing masks kill that dream.

But what about the simple fact that life at the moment insn’t normal? We don’t have normal life now. For us, masks are like life jacket at high sea.

Different ways people wear their masks these days;

Under the chin

Over the jaw

Over the mouth alone

Over the nose alone

On the forehead

Around the neck

In the hand

In the purse.

I went to Mass this morning and the officiating Priest pointed this out. At that time, mine was just over my mouth. I excused my nose since we sat a meter away from each other. But why would I cover my mouth to protect others and expose my nose to the danger?

The priest’s admonision came hard on those wearing their masks the wrong way and said he would not tolerate such next Sunday.

“These masks are not for decorating your chins and necks. They should be over your nose and mouth whenever you are outside your home. And please do not pull off your mask until you’re back home again. Wear your mask the right way. It’s for your safety and the safety of the others those you meet along the way. Its wrong for friends to pull of their masks to chat and laugh. Maintain social distancing, Thank you.” People listened and we all hoped to change.

After the Mass, I noticed some have pulled off their masks and were enjoying their normal life. Which normal life?

Our lives are not back to normal even though the lockdown are being lifted. We are far from pulling off our masks outdoor and in social setting.

We are far from going without washing our hands frequently.

We are far from shaking hands, from French kisses and hugging.

So our lives are not back to normal yet. We should know this and keep to the rules.

Stay safe

Have a blessed Sunday❤

How about your location? How serious are people about wearing their masks?

Have You Ever Thought About The Survivors Of Coronavirus?

19th March update on coronavirus according to worldometer

I was going through the updates on coronavirus and the number of survivors vs that of deaths hit me. It occurred to me that the number of people surviving this disease way outnumbers the people who die of it. In addition there is drastic reduction in new deaths.

Many people are recovering from the dreaded coronavirus pandemic disease and it seems that very few of us are talking about them.

I keep asking myself this question; why ain’t many of the people who have recovered coming up with their recovery stories so that people who are scared will have it at the back their minds that recovery is possible for this pandemic.

I’m saying this because right now in my neighbourhood, coronavirus is regarded as a disease that gives no hope for survival. We believe that since the cure insnt yet available, that once you have it, your grave should better be dug.

I was opprotuned to see Dr. Jennifer Caudle’s video this morning and I’m convinced about the good news.

The good news is, we can recover from this once our immune is strong enough. Once the symptom is treated, the patient can go on with their normal lives. It’s important to note that as we take preventive measures to avoid this virus, to also keep our immune system strong.

I guess a handful of people already know this – that have a great chance of recovering from coronavirus. That’s why they are seen on the streets when they are supposed to be inside their houses.

In a nutshell

People should hear more about the recovery from coronavirus even as they are trying hard not to get the virus.

They should know that getting the virus doesn’t mean they’re going to die. People have survived and they too can survive if they get infected.

Our World…

The first time I heard someone call upon God to save the world from covid-19 , I looked at the person and my thought was, come on, it hasn’t gotten to that! Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

I said this because I trusted it had not gone beyond man to provide solutions. After all it just arrived.

Well, now I pray more than anyone else.

I pray because Science has no cure yet.

Science has been trying it’s best to keep us safe and make life better but Science knows only what it knows – Science is only aware of what it has been able to discover in our vast universe.

What to discover about our universe is infinite and science has been able to disclose a number out of infinity of the discoverables. So, it’s clear that the World can’t enthrust its life a hundred percent in the hands of Science.

Covid-19 for now remains a mystery. It’s a mystery because we’re yet to solve the puzzle surrounding it.

We only know about the protective measures and not the cure. The vaccines are being tried in animals and yet to be tried with human.

It means that Science is trying hard but the solution is yet to come.

Our world needs our prayers for that which is more than the cricket has moved into its dwelling.

Now schools are closed down in most effected areas, public areas are restricted, bans have been placed upon certain countries entering another – there are reinforcements of the national and State boundaries against immigrants.

What next?

Listen now to the cry of the dying around the world and tell me if they have not been taking precautions since the first person got infected.

People live their lives in fear and are doing all they can to stay safe. Yet, it’s like wildfire spreading far and wide.

Do we stay calm since Science is doing all in its power to solve the puzzle?

Yes we should.

No need to panic. Panic is more dangerous than the virus.

We should always stay calm and take necessary precaustions.

One more thing, we shouldn’t look at another person’s corpse as a log of wood. We should feel what is happening around the world and we shouldn’t crack jokes with it- I understand joking about something is a way of taking it lightly but don’t. Don’t make jokes with it.

Covid-19 might appear less fatal than past epidemics but as long as life is being lost, we should not joke about it even as we try to remain calm and take precautions, we should pray in our little way for its cure.

Let’s pray for our world.

Let’s join hands and call on God – The Creator of this Universe to provide the cure to this pandemic disease, covid-19.

I know it will pass just like the past epidemics. It will pass.

May the eyes of science be opened to the solution.

Stay safe💖