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Inspired Sunday: The Man With Five Little Children

Shout out to all the single parent out there. God bless you all.

I saw one man in the church today with five little children in his hands. The last one is around eight months and the first around nine years; difficult stage for mothers you may say and this man is playing this role all by himself.
I asked myself questions like, where is the mother to these children? Working on Sunday? De@d? Travelled?
I looked at the man with premature grey hair and a gloomy face.
And why are his children’s clothes squeezed out of shape and why the boys hair and even his own unkempt? Why are the girls dressed in skirt and blouse that do not agree with each other and why are they all eating chocolate upon chocolate till the end of service?
I was cracking my brain when someone said that his wife, the mother to those children di£d while birthing the eight month old baby in his hands.
I felt pity for him. Who will help him? Who will take care of those kids like their mother?
What a life!
But I saw one thing in that man; a man determined to take the bull by the horn and play the role of both mother and father for a while.
Motherhood like fatherhood is hard. Now think of being both as a single parent.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday. Have a wonderful week ahead.