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Peace Within

I wake to sweetness

every single day.

I feel guilt as well

that these days,

I mirror more

the positive side of life;

that I’m not brought down 

by these thrusting issues

looming around me.

I’m mostly shocked 

that I smile, laugh 

dance and skip,

when I should shrink 

into my unpleasant shell

And groan till 

I groan no more.

And to think that I do 

not make much effort

to cage the impact 

of an awful mood

is a rare miracle.

It’s as if there’s nothing

At all to fuss about.

Now, they say

I’m the fairest of all.

Haha, how exact 

their words!

I’m at my best since 

manner began

 to proclaim so.

Feels like I walk around

defrauding them?

Guiding them

 to believe what

Isn’t real?

Should I wear dilemmas 

Like befitting apparel,

And walk the boulevards

As though I’m insane?

– To show off the details of me?

 I’m strong enough

 to impede 

those annihilating


And I’m blessed 

to be this way.

I’m blessed to have God.

Peace within.

No Regrets

There were times

I walked through recall

With a sharp digger

In the hands

of my yearning

To exhume values 

Of time past,

But I dug in vain.

They were things

I wanted to have,

Where and what

I wanted to be,

And what I wanted to

Stick with for a lifetime,

But which slid through

My fingers like grains of millet 

and fused with history.

Taken away.

With them, I could have 

A different life.

Perhaps better than

What I have now.

And my mind kept whispering

To me about what

I should have done right.

If I did this instead of that,

I could have gotten it right.

But that’s history too.

All I have is now

to get things right,

Change what  

I couldn’t change.

And shun the voices

Dragging me into the void

to relive history the same way.

I should have regrets,

But of what use

Is going back and forth ?

Whatever didn’t work 

Might work if I tried again.

But I must not go

 through the same 

Process on 

that same road

Which led to nothing.

No regrets.

You’re Me

From the 
Crust of time
You found me,
And pursued me.

I wondered
How I could get
Rid of you and
Your annoying
And dealt you a
mounting reluctance.
Because you
Were nowhere
Near my
Lifelong intent.

You were something
I drew closer
to only when
everything else
left me to myself
And something I left
When these
things returned.

I left you
Whenever I set
My eyes on
these things
Because I felt
They had all I
Would ever need.
I was certain
they could make me
All I ever
Wanted to be.
I saw as valuable,
The things I
Valued more than you

In my foolishness,
I snubbed you
I ignored you.
I cast you behind
My mind as
My attention
Drifted away
To those things.

I sighed each
Time you forced
Yourself on me.
And hissed
when you long for
me to recollect
Myself and come
Back to my senses.
With tears
Dripping down
Your cheeks.
I thought it was
The stupidest thing.
To waste
tears and time,
Where you're
not valued.

When you insisted
In taking me to
A place nothing
Else could,
I couldn't see past
These things to value
Your genuineness
And loyalty.

It has dawned on me.
You're a gift
From God.
A thing
I'm meant to be
And do For the rest
Of my life.
A thing I need to
embrace, if ever
I want to fly.

You're me and
I'm you,
for life.

You're a thing
I love to do
For the rest of
my days, a thing
I can't do without;
The wings with
Which I fly
To a place
Nothing else
Can take me.

Free Verse – Empty Street

Empty streets recite
the lyrics of sovereignty
to the frigid dignity.
The detained hero is fallen
to harsh bellies,
condemned for standing tall
when the stooped quieted
their voices and ducked bullets from multiple gashes.
The land weeps for the slain
who the endangered now see
as the fortunate ones.
They are fortunate in death;
their horror, anguish
are shaved off with
sudden animalistic transition.
They were fortunate when
the night is as horrible as
the day and demise awaited
at the doorposts of time.
There is nowhere to hide
from the harm that has
engulfed the land where
the sun still rises.
No hiding place on the land
which the marginalised own.
No one knows when the end
to this terror will come
And no one knows what
future holds for the living.
If the hero makes it alive,
the streets will live again
But life will remain the same,
until freedom comes.


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Lambs In Crisis

Shepherds relish the feed

of the lambs in crisis,

and mull over their struggles

to find a clogged path to right.

The aimless chariots mock

their bruised feet

cast on immense trail

of wandering.

What a marvellous design,

to gobble their starved

intellects in the end,

and sending more suffering

from trained arrows,

which happens to know,

how susceptible these lambs are.

One day,

when the lambs will find the light

Through the clogged path to right

The shepherds will be left behind

And everything will be fine again