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Inspired Sunday | By The Pool

There was a pool, where the sick were made whole. At a particular time, an angel came to the pool and stirred the water. Anyone who got the chance to get into the pool first as soon as it was stirred, got healed. 

There was one paralysed man who had stayed at this pool for 38 years but was not healed because he did not get the chance to get into the pool, and there was no one to help him get in before anyone else. 

His family brought him there and abandoned him. He has lost every hope of getting his healing. Every year he watched people come and go home healed and he longed to be like them. 

One day, a man came to the pool and asked him if he would want to get healed. He told him the story of his life; how his family abandoned him at the poolside and how there was no one to take him inside the pool to get healed.

The man had compassion on him. He told him to pick his bed and walk home. The man picked his bed and walked home, completely healed. 


The others saw him walking home with his bed and accused him of breaking the Law of the Sabbath. The man told them that the man who healed him asked him to pick his bed and walk home.


They were focusing on the man who picked his bed and walked on the Sabbath against the law of Moses, more than they were on finding out who healed this man and how they could get healed through him. 


It is had to see the bigger picture when we are focused on small matters.


Hope you had a great weekend.

Have a blessed week.

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Sunday Inspiration – Kindness and Gentlness

Just as the lovely flowers lend their sweetness to each day, may we touch the lives of those we meet in a kind and gentle way. – Unknown

It’s hard to be kind and gentle especially in a vicious society where each individual has been dehumanized by awful ordeals. Yet, it’s kindness and gentleness that can lead us all to infinite harmony.

Be kind, be gentle to the other person.

Our World…

The first time I heard someone call upon God to save the world from covid-19 , I looked at the person and my thought was, come on, it hasn’t gotten to that! Do not take the name of the Lord in vain.

I said this because I trusted it had not gone beyond man to provide solutions. After all it just arrived.

Well, now I pray more than anyone else.

I pray because Science has no cure yet.

Science has been trying it’s best to keep us safe and make life better but Science knows only what it knows – Science is only aware of what it has been able to discover in our vast universe.

What to discover about our universe is infinite and science has been able to disclose a number out of infinity of the discoverables. So, it’s clear that the World can’t enthrust its life a hundred percent in the hands of Science.

Covid-19 for now remains a mystery. It’s a mystery because we’re yet to solve the puzzle surrounding it.

We only know about the protective measures and not the cure. The vaccines are being tried in animals and yet to be tried with human.

It means that Science is trying hard but the solution is yet to come.

Our world needs our prayers for that which is more than the cricket has moved into its dwelling.

Now schools are closed down in most effected areas, public areas are restricted, bans have been placed upon certain countries entering another – there are reinforcements of the national and State boundaries against immigrants.

What next?

Listen now to the cry of the dying around the world and tell me if they have not been taking precautions since the first person got infected.

People live their lives in fear and are doing all they can to stay safe. Yet, it’s like wildfire spreading far and wide.

Do we stay calm since Science is doing all in its power to solve the puzzle?

Yes we should.

No need to panic. Panic is more dangerous than the virus.

We should always stay calm and take necessary precaustions.

One more thing, we shouldn’t look at another person’s corpse as a log of wood. We should feel what is happening around the world and we shouldn’t crack jokes with it- I understand joking about something is a way of taking it lightly but don’t. Don’t make jokes with it.

Covid-19 might appear less fatal than past epidemics but as long as life is being lost, we should not joke about it even as we try to remain calm and take precautions, we should pray in our little way for its cure.

Let’s pray for our world.

Let’s join hands and call on God – The Creator of this Universe to provide the cure to this pandemic disease, covid-19.

I know it will pass just like the past epidemics. It will pass.

May the eyes of science be opened to the solution.

Stay safe💖