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Wise Saying | If You Start Gathering From The Morning, Before Night, Your Basket Will Be Full – Igbo Proverb

The patridge bird said to her children, “Feed on yam but also feed on roots, so that when the owner of the yam harvests the yam, you could be able to survive on roots.” – Igbo Proverb

The chick in the grip of a hawk says that the reason why it cries is not for that which is holding it to let go of it, but for the heavens and the earth to hear its cry.- Igbo proverb.

The owl released a fart and asked his kinsmen to sing him a song of praise, His kinsmen said no to him, for such an act is not praiseworthy. – Igbo Proverb

The tortoise has been in a pit of faeces for a very long time, yet, the day his rescuers arrived, he told them, “Hurry up, the stench is killing me, ”  – Igbo Proverb

The grasshopper killed by Okpoko- the noisy bird, must be dead deaf. – Igbo proverb.

“A lizard that can climb an iroko tree cannot be called a baby lizard 🦎 .” – Igbo Proverb

The rain that fell on an eagle has given it a bath. – Igbo Proverb

If the snake doesn’t act like a snake, children will use it to tie firewood. – Igbo Proverb

Its only the chewing stick that knows the secrets of the mouth. – Igbo Proverb

Igbo tribe is one of the three major tribes in Nigeria 🇳🇬 . Igbo like many other tribes has rich proverbs. These proverbs are deep, interesting and have literary meaning.

These proverbs are easy to understand but if you don’t understand anyone of them, let me know in the comment section so I can state the meaning for you.

Wise Saying – To Overlook Wrongs Is To Sustain A Relationship

If you cut and add to the fleshy part, also cut and add to the bony part. – Igbo proverb
Let the hawk perch and let the eagle perch, whoever says no to the other, let it’s wings break. – Igbo proverb.
With arms and knees on the ground, the calf sucks it’s dam. – Igbo Proverb.
One’s beauty starts from home to the outside environment. – Igbo Proverb.
I will not because my father reincarnated, overfeed him. – Igbo Proverb.

Wise Saying; Fools Rush In Where The Angels Fear to Tread

That which the cow sees and runs to safety is the same thing thing the fowl stops to peck at – Igbo proverb

We shouldn’t try to challenge that which is bigger or more powerful than us. However, I see fearlessness of the fowl in play here 😃.

The cow sees and runs away means the cow is afraid. Of course he has seen how enormous the challenge is and this instills fear and the fear pushes to action – run!

But the fearless fowl stands to peck at the same, at least to fight even though she knows her head would go with such fight. Now that’s….foolish.

Wisdom says that dying in the hands of what one can escape from is foolishness.

Fearlessness or cauragiousness is good but wisdom is needed to know when to run and when to face the challenge.

Whatever will eat up your head is not worth fighting against. Run to safety!

Stay Safe!