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Seemingly endless effect!

The joy of Christmas!

Compliments of the season to you my lovely WP friends! ❤ Hope you’re enjoying your holiday.

This season is beautiful; friends, family, meetings, thanksgivings, celebrations…

The spirit of Christmas intoxicates. We are lost in joy and love and food. And when it comes to an abrupt end, our eyes open and we see clear. We realise how much this joy had given and taken. We become sober once more and hope and plan for another Chrismas – an unending cycle.

This Christmas, I decided not to travel to my hometown. It’s almost a taboo for me to celebrate Chrismas away from home, because it’s an opportunity to meet with family and friends who live away from me. But it’s okay 😀. There’s always another Christmas.

Have a swell time this holiday season!



Spider On The Web

Spider on the web
on a dignified dwelling
big and wide,
strong and fair.
How sad to think
that soon,
A single finger
of man, wind and rain
will find you out
and pull you down.
You and your web
will go down,
as if both of you
worth nothing,
and as if it doesn't
take planning,
budget and hard work
to build something
as complex as
a web.

Spider on the web,
I hope you survive
the invasion,
and I hope you
have the will to
build another.
When the struggle
that takes hours
or days to realize
comes down before
your eyes,
tell me you
will stop at nothing
to construct another.
Tell me you'll
repeat the struggle
as long as you live,
to give yourself
what no one
else can give;
a web.

Spider on the web,
You know how much
this means to you.
You know it's as vital
as life itself.
If the finger
that'll destroy
the result of your
struggle for no fault
of yours is kind
enough to keep
you alive,
do not weep for
the ravage.
Listen to the beat
of your heart,
and the puff of your
Even though it costs
the night, day and
sweat to acquire another,
do not give up the
struggle to have
what you need;
a web.

Spider on the web,
I'm not here to give
a fake hope
and tell you how you
will last forever
on your idling place,
or how you will be left
alone to enjoy what
you have,
you will be trashed
again, again, and again.
But as long as you
have your life and
what it takes
to always repeat
the struggle,
do what you can.
Achieve your aim,
even if you have
only a second to live
in it or end up not
not using it.
Never give up the
struggle to build
what you need;
a web.

© Fiez

More Poetry

“As I Walked Out The Door…”

As I walked out the door towards the care that would lead to my freedom, I knew if I didn’t leave my bitterness and hatred behind, I’d still be in prison.
There is no peace, no freedom without forgiveness.

Forgiveness can be as simple as saying this to a perpetrator; You did horrible, horrible things to me…but…I forgive you. I forgive you from the dept of my heart.

Forgiveness brings peace of mind and begins a healing process.



You inevitable menacing eventuality

Your irreversible fading of faculty

Invisibly existing from inception

Locked within the crate of infancy

Overridden- terrified by juvenile

But courageously storming at the climax


You resolutely descend at retirement

Pushing to the loathsome derailment

Pretty creatures to deterioration

Your revolting withered achievement

Reveal thy alteration proof

Oh! You formidable lethal unguis


Power beyond the competence of wits

You slight the concealing mask to fix

And defeat the slowing ploy with time

Your dentine tearing all resistant tricks

To wreck the fabric of the alluring design

To devour till one’s frail and gaunt


You who strike till one’s beaten

You who bite till one’s wholly eaten

Mock and dare me your grip to resist

For each attempt your fang to deepen

Follow the hollow to the depth within

Keep toiling till the entirety is damned.

© Fiez

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Reblog – Today’s Quote

“Don’t waste your energy trying to change opinions … Do your thing, and don’t care if they like it.” ~ Tina Fey ~

Today’s Quote

I came across this quote on Chateau Cherie’s blog and I love it.

It’s hard to change an already made-up mind. It’s harder when it has to do with a group of people who share the same opinion different from what you have in mind. If you are sure your idea is a better one, do not stress yourself trying to get them to follow your great idea. Go ahead and do what you think is good. You must have known by now that it’s hard to be the odd one out. But there is nothing wrong with that, going in a different direction when everyone is going in the wrong direction shows you’re out for succees.

Hope you are having a great moment.