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About Accepting Mistakes

When you make an awful mistake, it could be a big slap on your face and the faces of the people who watched that mistake happen.

When you make a mistake, you want to go back in time and avoid it. The fire of regret keeps burning in your heart until your joy and confidence shrink.

The truth is that you do not want anyone to think you are erroneous.

In real life, mistakes (your mistakes and the mistakes of others) can help you have a clear view of the right way.

Trying new things and taking up new challenges means you are not afraid of making mistakes. Go ahead, fall and rise, fall again and rise again. Have no shame!Accept it! Correct yourself when you can and thank others for correcting you.

This is the time to humble yourself. It’s not the time to blame A, B or C. It’s not the time to blame your tools or your lack of knowledge. It’s the time to accept your mistake, take full responsibility of it and apologise when required.

Below is a story I was told. A man made a mistake and his son pointed it out;

A man once used the bathroom. Afterwards his son went in there and found out that he didn’t clear his crap. Disgusted by this, his son walked up to him and asked, ‘Daddy, you remember when you told us to always flush after using the bathroom? His father said, ‘Yes, I remember.’ His son said, ‘Well…you…’ At this point his father gasped.. He quickly apologised and went ahead to correct his mistake.

Truth be told, it is hard to watch those who you look up to make mistakes. Someone who coaches you and who advises you on the right things to do is the least you will expect to make mistakes. You need to accept the reality; when it comes to making mistakes. No one is immune. Professionals from all works of life make mistakes, no matter how long they spend studying in their field.

Feel free to correct people’s mistakes – in private. It’s important especially when it’s done out of ignorance. People who make mistakes out of ignorance do not realise it and will keep making the same mistake over and over again. Someone needs to step up and show them the way.

Do not worry about the reaction of the person whom you correct. It’s natural to feel bad when corrected. This is true for every individual that walks the face of the earth. This is the reason why people would rather keep quiet than embarrass someone who has made a mistake.

How good is that?

I feel that my errors and the errors of others should not be allowed to sit but should be pointed out in private. I believe that someone who corrects me is the one who means well for me and who wants me to succeed in life.