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Inspired Sunday: The Man With Five Little Children

Shout out to all the single parent out there. God bless you all.

I saw one man in the church today with five little children in his hands. The last one is around eight months and the first around nine years; difficult stage for mothers you may say and this man is playing this role all by himself.
I asked myself questions like, where is the mother to these children? Working on Sunday? De@d? Travelled?
I looked at the man with premature grey hair and a gloomy face.
And why are his children’s clothes squeezed out of shape and why the boys hair and even his own unkempt? Why are the girls dressed in skirt and blouse that do not agree with each other and why are they all eating chocolate upon chocolate till the end of service?
I was cracking my brain when someone said that his wife, the mother to those children di£d while birthing the eight month old baby in his hands.
I felt pity for him. Who will help him? Who will take care of those kids like their mother?
What a life!
But I saw one thing in that man; a man determined to take the bull by the horn and play the role of both mother and father for a while.
Motherhood like fatherhood is hard. Now think of being both as a single parent.

Hope you’re having a great Sunday. Have a wonderful week ahead.

Think Mothers!

Today, 10th of May 2020, up to forty-eight countries celebrate Mothers. Today, we celebrate these women who play great role in work of creation and shaping of the entire world.

Motherhood is what you will not know the dept of until you become one.

It’s a mother who would be in labour and at that fateful point in time would renounce sex and all that leads to childbearing, only to desire few months later, to have another child😳 — now that’s what I call supernatural! No one wants to go through the same pain twice, right? Mothers forget the excruciating pain and overwhelming childbearing thing and get pregnant, again.

Mothers wear this shoe and they know where it pinches. The mothering power overpowers mothers! They have no will power to reject this call. They are made to ‘mother’ – it’s amazing!

I’ve seen gals give their mothers a call to ask for forgivenss right after their first child is out.

Yes, they now realize what the woman passed through. It had dawned on them right in the middle of the nine months troll to hell or even in the middle of hell itself that someone went through these to have children, not one but many!

I’ve seen a lady kneel down before her mother and asked amidst tears, ‘Was this what you passed through mama – to have up to seven of us?’

I thank God for the Papas who are also there through it all – brave men who stand by the sides of these brave women through thick and thin, come rain come sunshine. They men are there to provide their shoulders to soak the tears of pain and their backs to be lashed out on when the moods swing – a thing most men couldn’t stand and the reason w why handful would, if given the choice, cling to everlasting ‘bachelorhood’.

Personally, I see widows and single mothers as the bravest of them all. I’m overwhelmed by their energy, their determination to stay strong for their children. They work hard under the rain, under the scorching sun, in the whirlwind and storm to provide and to secure their family – children.

To all mothers out there, I say you are all special and strong — in a way that is beyond comprehension.

So, here’s to all mothers and mothers to be! Many Happy Cheers!!! 🍾 🍾 🍾 ❤❤❤