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Wise Saying |A Ship In The Harbour Is Safe, But That’s Not What The Ship Is Made For – English Proverb

 For those who do not make it their permanent residence, the benefit of a comfort zone cannot be crossed out.

 When you stick to the dance style you have mastered or remain in the job you are well experienced in or drive the vehicle you are used to, you live without much stress. You are more confident because you are good at it already. You don’t need someone to ridicule you for an amateur performance or cast you away as inexperienced. Think of it, life is easier here. You are free from worries and terrors of new challenges and risks.

It serves as a winding-off region, a rejuvenating spot, where you recover yourself from all the stress, risk and discomforts of a normal life. So, the comfort zone shouldn’t be cast away, it should only be broadened by pushing its boundaries out from the other side, the side which is not the comfort zone. 

Now, imagine a strong, beautiful ship, full of potential which never left the harbour because the waters are rough. Imagine how weak and worthless that ship will eventually seem. 

The Comfort zone is the most pleasing place to be, yet the most ridiculous place to remain. Unfortunately, many are living for too long in different levels of a crippling comfort zone. Many are comfortable with the little amount they receive as a salary and sometimes live their entire lives doing one job and in one company they are comfortable working with — what you have is better than what you don’t have since a bird at hand is worth more than a million birds elsewhere right? Wrong.

The truth is that you do not know that you can add to the number of the birds in your hand and the only way to do that is to get out there, face the challenge and catching more.

 Exercise is an integral part of life but I have always wished I could live my life without a regular workout routine and be fine. Like a flickering light, I keep going on and off but because I know its significance, I break free from my comfort at least two or three times a week to do the thing that is important to my health. I must confess that doing this is one of the hardest things. 

 Sometimes What keeps you in your comfort zone is fear. You fear to take that first step like hell, just like a baby who would rather keep moving on its butt than take the first step, you remain where you are and do the things you feel safe doing.

Anxiety, fear of the unknown and thoughts that there is never a better place than where you are, keep you in the place of convenience and these things cost you growth and make fulfilling your potential impossible. You miss out on the rewards of trying a challenging or risky new activity when you hold back.

There is no better way to tackle a weakness than to come out of our comfort zone and there is no way to rejuvenate than revisiting it. This is where striking a balance comes in. You need to find a way to balance the equation of life. 

Like a traveller who takes some time off after a long hazardous journey, you need to sneak into your pampering, nurturing comfort zone sometimes, to get your sanity back and get back into your normal life, your normal life is not your comfort zone, your comfort zone is only a place you can recollect yourself.

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Writing Motivation #3

Doing it all the time, whether or not we are in the mood, gives us ownership of our writing ability. It takes it out of the realm of conjuring where we stand on the rock of isolation, begging the winds for inspiration, and it makes it something as do-able as picking up a hammer and pounding a nail. Writing may be an art, but it is certainly a craft. It is a simple and workable thing that can be as steady and reliable as a chore

. ~Julia Cameron


Happy writing!

Be Optimistic Even As The Worst Glares At You.

We all have heard about the power of positive thinking during tough times or before a venture, that’s actually being optimistic. Believing without an iota of doubt that everything will be fine in the end.

But there are tough times and there are tougher and toughest times when we are failing despite our efforts and optimism.

But what does optimism do for us?

It helps us to remain positive when the worst is right there before us, to keep moving until the failure is clear and even when that happens, to bounce back and begin again.

In soccer, for example, the players enter the pitch with one thing in mind, and that is a victory. They focus on victory and are optimistic before and during the first half. Tension takes over when they begin to lose ground, yet at that point, they don’t give up hope.

Even to the last second of the 45 minutes of the second half when defeat already raised 5-0 to the losing team, the players keep playing even when the cheering of the fans has died down until the final whistle.

That’s the typical example being optimistic in the worst scenario.

But it’s hard to remain optimistic during hopeless tough times.

How can one remain optimistic when failing is among the option or when failure seems like the only option.

If you are faced with tough times,

  • Think that it’s not permanent and it will soon give way to something good. Failure is not permanent. Defeat is not permanent and tough time isn’t. They all will pass and when they do, you’ll shine.
  • Study the life of the successful people and you will find out that most times tough times come before life long success. Without tough times, there are no good times, without pain, there will be no gain, without defeat, there will be no victory. So learn from others success stories. It will help you to remain positive.
  • If you also look around you, you might see other people passing through the same thing, so it’s no personalised to you. You’re not alone in the tough times. There are others passing through the same thing.
  • Write positive statements about yourself, paste it on the wall where you’ll always see, read and think about them. My friend writes whatever good she wants to happen in her life like what she wants to achieve, be, have where she would like to visit – these are impossible things and places for her as a person but she writes them down, places them on the wall by her bedside and looks at them every time saying something positive to herself. It works for her, her life shows it works.
  • Getting active can help us think positive. Exercise helps a lot. It helps to lift your spirit and keeps your moral high. Get active to kill those negative thoughts.

If you really want to remain optimistic during your worst times – suppress that bad guy called negativity, that pessimistic dialogue within you and replace them with lifting positive thoughts and you’re good.