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You’re Me

From the 
Crust of time
You found me,
And pursued me.

I wondered
How I could get
Rid of you and
Your annoying
And dealt you a
mounting reluctance.
Because you
Were nowhere
Near my
Lifelong intent.

You were something
I drew closer
to only when
everything else
left me to myself
And something I left
When these
things returned.

I left you
Whenever I set
My eyes on
these things
Because I felt
They had all I
Would ever need.
I was certain
they could make me
All I ever
Wanted to be.
I saw as valuable,
The things I
Valued more than you

In my foolishness,
I snubbed you
I ignored you.
I cast you behind
My mind as
My attention
Drifted away
To those things.

I sighed each
Time you forced
Yourself on me.
And hissed
when you long for
me to recollect
Myself and come
Back to my senses.
With tears
Dripping down
Your cheeks.
I thought it was
The stupidest thing.
To waste
tears and time,
Where you're
not valued.

When you insisted
In taking me to
A place nothing
Else could,
I couldn't see past
These things to value
Your genuineness
And loyalty.

It has dawned on me.
You're a gift
From God.
A thing
I'm meant to be
And do For the rest
Of my life.
A thing I need to
embrace, if ever
I want to fly.

You're me and
I'm you,
for life.

You're a thing
I love to do
For the rest of
my days, a thing
I can't do without;
The wings with
Which I fly
To a place
Nothing else
Can take me.