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Write It Now, Not Later!

One terrible thing about procrastination is that it happens when you have time to do something but may decide to do it later.

You need to stop procrastinating.

It’s certain you have reasons for pushing your writing into the future. We all do. There are always a thousand and one reasons to keep it till later but these reasons are not the major problem. Procrastination is not even the culprit, the problem is you and I.

The main reasons why we procrastinate come from the way we think or live our lives.

What do you think?

Do you think your writing will fail or nobody will like your work?

If this is your problem, you need to have a channel your thinking towards positivity. Think that you will succeed in it. You will fly, you will excel in your writing.

You won’t fail as you think and you won’t be wasting your time. They will read your writing and they will like it. Once you can come out from your negativity and start writing, you work hard at it and you succeed. It’s that simple.

Do you think that you must vissualise the outcome of your work as perfect before you’ll ever begin writing it?

You need to be realistic here. Think of this; You have looked into the future and have seen that that article or story, isn’t perfect. So you won’t begin it now until you’re sure you got all you need to make it perfect, like when you become a professor of writing. That’s not fair. 😀

No writing is perfect even at it’s last edit. A critique is always lurking at the corner and will surely find something to pick up as a flaw. It has happened to all writers. So do not think about a perfect work. All you need to do is start your writing and work towards making it better.

Write it, do your best and wear a let-them-say attitude.

Do you feel tired and can’t write now?

When you feel you’re tired and can’t write now even though you have time, check yourself well.

Are you sick? Have you eaten well and healthy too? Have you slept well? Have you exercised?

A healthy lifestyle can help solve this problem. Always make sure you body is in good state and you are in the right state of mind. If your body fails, your mind fails as well. So, take care of yourself by living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you think you’re busy and there is no time to write today?

You have the time to write today. Just say it. You do. If you told me you’re so busy that in 24hrs of today your hands were tied and you couldn’t put down at least 200 words on a blank page or to continue an already started work, I would stare at you wide eyed.

I’ll only understand if you told me you’re sick. When you’re sick, you are not in your right state of mind to write. You’re weak both physically and mentally.

In spite of this state of the body during an illness, some writers still write depending on the level of their illnesses.

Some have actually written great work from their sick bed. Some have written from a wheelchair – terribly sick. They had perfect reason – to put away their writing till later but they didn’t. They know that once they allow procrastination in, nothing gets done.

I’m not suggesting that you write in your sick bed. What you need to focus on at this time is getting better. Once you do, start writing again.

Have you lost writing focus?

It happens to most of us. We have our writing goals and at certain point we begin to lose interest.

Once focus is lost, the zeal won’t be there anymore. What drives writers is their focus, their target. Where they want to reach at a given period. What they want to achieve at a given time, that’s the focus. Keep it alive and you will write everyday.

If ever you postponed todays writing, do not do the same tomorrow.

If you constantly push your writing to the future times, you should as well forget it. Writing is one of the things that if you want to do, you do it now – not later. The famous English proverb says that time and tide waits for no man.

Procrastination is not a stepping stone like other obstacles of writing – it doesn’t have to be there in the first place to be stepped on. It’s only there because you allowed it. It’s like an enemy you can overpower but which you have allowed lying peacefully at your feet. You nurture it while it shrinks your will power. You won’t fail to get rid of it if you make an attempt.

Do This

Find out the reason behind your procrastination. It could be the way you think or the way you live. Have positive thoughts towards your writing and live a healthy lifestyle and procrastination will never stop you from writing.