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Unforeseen Dilemma # 11

Mr Adams and Sarah raised their heads above the shrubs to scan the dark area before them. Their eyes followed the car breaklight for a while before hastened to the road to watched the dust trailing behind them.

Once they’re out of sight, they turned to face each other.

Mr Adams raised both hands without a word and brought them down on his hips. Sarah sensed he was disappointed to let the police go uninformed. To her that could have been a bad idea. Once the police got to know, she would certainly not see her mother again.

“Sir, I’m sorry for putting you through all this. I’m sincerely sorry. You can find your way home, sir. I need to find the man to get to my mother back. ”

The shrub moved and their eyes went in that direction. Sarah thought it was The Man. It had become too dark to see anyone clearly but not dark enough to notice the shaking shrub. They waited in silence for whatever it was to materialise.

The shrub moved again and they both moved away from the area. It could be a snake finding it’s way to the road – to stretch out for cool evening air but a fast animal ran out of the shrub across the road to the other side.

“What could that be? This place is dangerous” He said.

“It could be a grasscutter.”

They both went silent.

Sarah picked a spot on the road away from the bushes and sat down, bent her knee and braced it with her entwined fingers.”

“You must be joking Sarah.” But she’s not joking. Her mother’s neck is on the line. She must find him to find her mother. She asked him to find his way home.

But he couldn’t go. He couldn’t leave her alone in that lonely and dangerous area – in the dark not even after getting him into a fish net of a criminal.

“How are you sure this man has your mother as he claimed? How are you sure he’s not scaring you with an empty threat?” Sarah looked at his obscure face and thought for a while.

After waiting for an hour, Sarah began to sob and Mr Adams couldn’t stand that. He couldn’t watch a matured lady cry but he couldn’t move close to console her. He took her hand instead and dragged her up

“Something tells me this man will be back at your house in less than 24hrs. I don’t think they’re going to hurt your mother. I want you to trust me concerning getting the police involved. I have a good plan” He said in a low voice as if the shrub had ears. Sarah didn’t talk but kept sobbing. With the passing of her father about a year ago, her mother had become everything to her. She couldn’t afford to lose her.

Unforeseen Dilemma #10

James watched with tension as the two exhausted policemen parted the bushy shrubs with their hands to make walking through it to where he was standing with his gaurd easy.

The evening mist on the shrubs might have moistened their jean trousers and jackets. They returned without a catch and James breathed a silent relief. Thank God!

“Where is he?” The policeman gaurding him asked.

“Couldn’t make anything of him. It’s hard through the shrub. but he’s definitely a criminal up to some mischief. He had a pistol.”

“My God, ” James sighed

“What? Anything you might want to tell us?” They asked being too curious for comfort.

“Nothing really. Never knew this area could be a hideout for bandits. Shouldn’t have stopped here.” He said while they looked on silently – suspiciously.

“I really need to get going. As I said earlier, my wife is fighting for her life at the hospital.”

“Sorry about that but, do you know him?”


“The man who ran away of course.”

“No! No! Can’t believe you’re asking me this question. He’s probably a robber lying in ambush to rub a susceptible passer-by like me. I’m damn lucky he didn’t strike before you came along.” James said while one of the policemen rumaged in his boot. The rest nodded but he noticed they were not deceived.

“Can I go now?” He asked wondering if Sarah and Mr Adams were still hiding close by or had run during the chase. He thought about The Man and what he would be planning to do next.

“We need to take you to the police station, sir.” The policeman who searched his boot said.

James could not believe his ears. He made a frantic vain move with his clenched fist but stamped the dusty ground instead. If they took him to the station he would never save his daughter. He needed them to leave so be could find the man to continue the journey to redeem his daughter.

“Please do not do this. Let me go, I have not done anything wrong. I don’t know this man. I came along as you did and was pressed. I only stopped this car to help myself.” He tried very hard to explain.

“We have not said you did anything wrong Mr..”


“James. Hey, come on, we’re not going to lock you up. It won’t be up to one hour and you’ll join your sick wife.”

“Believe me, I don’t have anything to do with that man.”

“We know!”

James was handcuffed and lowered into his car. He felt that his hopes of seeing his daughter again had been dashed. He began to sob as one of them went behind the wheel of his car, started his engine and drove in the direction they came. A second policeman was in the rear with his shotgun in hand. The third drove the police patrol car and trailed behind them.

“They’ve gone, sir. Thank you.” Sarah whispered to Mr Adams. She had fought tooth and nail to keep him pinned to his spot and not run to the refuge of the policemen as he desired to.

Unforeseen Dilemma #9

The approaching car beeped a horn and James noticed it was a police patrol team.

He composed himself, lowered himself in his car and moved it aside. The driver stopped by him.

“Is everything alright?”

“I’m okay. Wanted to ease myself but had to move my car out of the way so you could pass.”

“Really” One of them said and within him James wasn’t comfortable with that. The Ofificer sounded sceptical.

“Yes.” James responded hoping they would get going before something happened to reveal the rest of them and what he was endeavoring to conceal.

“Are you alone?” Another asked and James failed to understand what kind of question that was. They had met him alone. Hadn’t they? He swore within him not to answer such a silly question.

“Are you sure nothing is happening around here?” He asked pointing his flashlights James noticed he was reading him.

“None that I know of, Officer. If you don’t mind, let me get down and ease myself.”

“Of course. Do what you need to do my friend. Be quick so we can check your boot.” The intrusive Officer and sat on the bonnet of James’s car. It seemed they were in no hurry.

“The car boot is open.”

“No. I’ll be needing you to be here during my search.” He said as James walked away from them.

As he was coming back, the three policemen were focusing on spot of the bush were his companions were. James became anxious.

“What’s that?” He heard one of them ask. His torchlight flashing.

James hastened to them to distract them.

“Come check my boot, officer. Need to be on my way at once. I’m going to the hospital to see my wife.”

“Did you hear that? Someone is in that bush. He’s running!” The two of them ran into the bush while one stayed with James to listen to his story and delay for then to return.

© Florence Ezekafor

Unforeseen Dilemma #7

“Thank you, Sarah,” The Man said after a tensed silence during which James drove with resentment in the direction he was compelled to.

Sarah was furious. “You brought me into this. Don’t make it seem like I partner with you. It’s entirely your crime, remember,” She barked at him not minding he had a weapon.

“I know. I know. My apologies, ” he said in an annoying calm manner. “But you had an option to make me kill those people. I’m glad you danced to my tune exactly as I wanted you to. I hate killing people. I’m a good guy. But I could if I’m forced to. You saved them. That’s why I’m thanking you. But if you don’t want me to, it’s fine,” he said and inspected Mr Adams who appeared rather too relaxed for his liking. He expected him to be unsettled.

“Turn to the left James.” The man said and Sarah scowled at him.

She was infuriated to a blasting point. A plan went on in her heart. She wasn’t sure what the repercussions would be but she was determined to take the risk.

She was supposed to ask about her mother and why The Man had failed to keep his promise to release her once Mr Adams was handed to him but it wasn’t a good time. Not when she was sick with the guilt of treason. She had gotten her boss in a fishnet!

James turned to the left as ordered to. He drove through the unfamiliar bumpy, dusty, and lonely road with bushes on both sides.

“Where are you taking us to?” Sarah asked.

“Oh, Sarah! You worry too much, ” The man said. He seemed weary but at vigilant.

Sarah took the risk. She acted quick without a second thought. With her elbow she hit him hard on the chest. He moaned and dropped his gun. Sarah thought he was acting. That little nudge couldn’t have made him drop his weapon – his only power. After waiting for him to act and he didn’t, Sarah slowly picked the gun.

“Your hands behind your head.” She ordered.

He obeyed.

“Open the door.”

“How can I with my hands behind my head?” Mr. Adams rushed and opened the door. He dragged him out of the car and pushed him to the bush.

“Sarah don’t shoot yet!”

That was very easy – more than she thought. But a shot came from behind. It was in the air – by Mr. James.

“What are you doing? Sarah was stunned.

“My daughter is in the hands of this gang. I want her alive. Please let him go.” Sarah glared at him.

But Mr. Adams had another plan which James needed to be convinced about.

Sarah wasn’t sure James was on their side. He could be one of them.