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If I’m Forced To Fight

If I’m forced to fight, I’ll fight.

I’ll fight for what is mine

I’ll fight with all my might

I’ll give up everything.

But while I still have

Life in me, I’ll raise

My hands in the air.

I’ll fight for freedom

I’ll fight for love

I’ll fight for my possession 

I’ll Fight from dawn to dusk

I’ll fight with all my strength

But while I still have

Life in me, I’ll  raise 

My hands in the air.

I fight to live, not to die.

I fight to fight again,

Not to fight to death.

I fight to save my life,

Not to bring an end.

I’ll have this in mind

Whenever I fight for

What is mine

Our past heroes fought till the last drop of their blood but they fought for nothing. Millions lost their lives, yet nothing was achieved. Why fight again? Why expose so many lives to another wreckage? 

If we lost in the past, what makes us think we can win now? What makes us think we won’t end up losing again?

I know we must keep fighting until we get what we desperately need but is life of so many worth sacrificing for nothing?

All I do everyday is pray. Let God have His way and set the captive of the mighty free without battle.

Let there be no war.