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No Regrets

There were times

I walked through recall

With a sharp digger

In the hands

of my yearning

To exhume values 

Of time past,

But I dug in vain.

They were things

I wanted to have,

Where and what

I wanted to be,

And what I wanted to

Stick with for a lifetime,

But which slid through

My fingers like grains of millet 

and fused with history.

Taken away.

With them, I could have 

A different life.

Perhaps better than

What I have now.

And my mind kept whispering

To me about what

I should have done right.

If I did this instead of that,

I could have gotten it right.

But that’s history too.

All I have is now

to get things right,

Change what  

I couldn’t change.

And shun the voices

Dragging me into the void

to relive history the same way.

I should have regrets,

But of what use

Is going back and forth ?

Whatever didn’t work 

Might work if I tried again.

But I must not go

 through the same 

Process on 

that same road

Which led to nothing.

No regrets.

Anniversary – Four Years On WordPress

It’s a season of celebration and on this day too for my journey on WordPress began. I discovered WordPress through an ad I saw on a website. Clicking on that add was a turning point for me. Before that encounter, I was already learning to blog on blogspot.com, a good place to be as well. When I discovered WordPress, I discovered the secret to successful blogging, which I, of course, learned through my interaction with other bloggers.

Generally, life can be hard without friends. The same goes with blogging. No one can ever last as a blogger without other bloggers to interact with. Bloggers learn from each other by reading each other’s posts and commenting.

It’s not easy to keep blogging especially when it’s not a main source of income. I get mostly distracted easily by work and family life. When I get carried away by these and other aspects of my life, reading other people’s posts inspire me a lot and help get me back on track. I would say to myself, if this blogger could write a post or several posts in a day or week, why can’t I do the same?

To make the long story short, I am still here because of you my fellow bloggers. The inspiration I get from your writing and the encouragement I get from having you read and interact with my posts is priceless.

I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone of you who is following me and who engage with my posts in any way. Thank you for being there, always reading and leaving useful comments.

I give all glory to the Almighty God, for giving me a rich mind and for the grace to keep writing. To Him I give praise.

On-going Project

I’m still working on my novel. I have three chapters left to rewrite after which it will be due for external editing. I’m not sure how long the editing will take but it’s sure to be available soon.🙏.

My Posts

I’ve made 410 posts in all and the top ten of these awesome posts are the best liked of them all. I’m so sharing them with you;

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Best Ranking On Search Engine

The best ranking post ranks first in search engine. It receives lots of views even when I’m not posting. Don’t ask me what I did to get search engine to like it because I don’t know. 😁 I’ll share the post with you; Wise Saying| “Do Not Sell The Sun To Buy A Candle” – Jewish Proverb

That’s all for now.

Thanks for reading my posts.

Wishing you a greater reading and blogging experience.

Long live florenceezekafor.com